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Manual Handling Awareness

This course satisfies the underpinning knowledge of the Model Code of Practice - Hazardous Manual Tasks

It explains how to identify hazardous manual tasks, assess the risks of musculoskeletal disorders and eliminate or minimise those risks. This guidance is also relevant for designers, manufacturers, importers or suppliers of equipment, materials and tools used for work, as well as designers of workplaces where manual tasks are carried out.

Course Overview

Part 1 Introduction
  • Introduction to Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Health and Safety Duties
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Managing the Risk
Part 2 Identifying Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Identifying Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Characteristics of Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Performing Risk Assessments
  • Risk Factors
  • Sources of Risk
  • The Hierarchy of Control
  • Purchasing to Eliminate or Minimise Risks
  • Changing the Design of Work Areas
  • Changing the Nature of Items Handled
Part 3 Management of risk and control measures
  • Manual Lifting Techniques
  • Cutting and the Use of Tools
  • Storage
  • Using Administrative Control Measures
  • Implementing Control Measures

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